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Greek Night

At the Corinthian

"While the full moon rose, young women took their place around the altar. In old days Cretan women danced supplely around an altar of love,crushing the soft flowering grass."


"...Nowhere else the Greeks' distinctive character has been more completely expressed than in the choral dance. When the Oriental peoples arrive at an art form of the choral dance, they extract the ultimate from its ecstatic nature: the individual mind and will of the dancer are extinguished, everything personal is wiped out, and he moves in strict conformity like a puppet controlled by the strings of an invisible master. But when the Greek sculptors carved in marble the lineaments of a choral dance, the observer admires the joyous rhythm which binds together, into a harmony more than personal, movements that arise from an inner compulsion and accord with the law of the dancer's own body."
C. Sachs
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer
Little GreekGreek nights at the Corinthian are some of the liveliest parties and not to be missed. Start your evening with a Mezai Plate (A scrumptious platter of souvlaki, spicy sausage, feta cheese, greek olives and peppers) with a side of just the right amount of the Corinthian house dressing. Follow that with some Dolmades, (stuffed grape leaves) embellished with avgolemono (a golden lemon sauce.)
Catch the Belly dancers and enjoy the sounds of the Bouzouki Band. When you've have had just the right amount of OUZO, get out on the dance floor and party like it's 199 B.C.!
The music and the dancing makes it hard for anyone to sit still. These special nights will transport you to an ancient Greek festival. You'll be looking around for Zorba!
Little Greek

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Greek dancingLadies DanceOOPA!Watching the action

Greek Key

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